Roger Kraemer

Roger Kraemer has been involved in direct marketing since 1980, creating successful campaigns for a wide variety of retail, financial services and non-profit clients. For slightly more than one year, he was on the client side at a large retailer. Enough said about that. Roger has a great family, (featuring one amazing wife and two excellent adult children!) two dogs, a white Carerra GTS and a maroon 2003 Dodge Dakota for those dirty jobs.

Teri Peoples

Teri has decades of experience in marketing production management and is highly detail-oriented (someone's got to be!). Teri keeps projects running smoothly while preventing pitfalls with her exceptional proofing skills, whcih is why we call her "Eagle-eye Teri." There is no one better to have standing next to a press doing a press check than Teri, as in "Can you bring the magenta up just a touch in just the lower part of the lower right hand corner?"

Rick Adams

Rick has handled the financial end of ProActive Direct from the beginning. It's good thing he does, as none of the others has talent in that area. Rick has spent nearly his entire career on the business and financial side of the direct marketing industry and has recently met with excellent success in sales. Rick also has a great family, and once owned a black Porsche, but he has never owned a 2003 Dodge.